where to watch: sports analytics conference video archives

Sports analytics conferences are a great way discover new work and learn from industry leaders. They can also be very expensive.

Fortunately, a number of conferences post videos of past panels and presentations online. There are hours upon hours of informative content, available at no cost. While you won't get the networking component of conferences through these videos, watching them is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in industry developments.

Below is a list of video archives from a variety of sports analytics conferences, borrowed largely from a Twitter thread I posted to the Measurables account earlier this year. I'll be keeping this list updated as more archives become available.

MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports

OptaPro Forum

Carnegie Mellon Sports Analytics Conference

StatsBomb Innovation in Football Conference

Seattle Hockey Analytics Conference

Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference

Rochester Institute of Technology Sports Analytics Conference

Ottawa Hockey Analytics Conference at Carleton

UConn Sports Analytics Symposium

MathSport International

Great Lakes Analytics Conference

Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Analytics Conference

Sports IDEAS Symposium

Updated 3/17/21 with new archives